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Kevin Barnes has entertained audiences literally from around the world.


When his Grandfather plucked coins from his ears at the early age of 4, an unquenchable curiosity set in. Later his aunt gave him a trick deck of cards and he knew that magic was to be his lifelong passion.


After studying at the library and building his own props he made his magical debut at twelve in his home state of Iowa.


Las Vegas was calling, and Kevin arrived at the Las Vegas strip (1990) where a 20-week contract turned into a 15-year gig with the soon-to-be opened Worlds Largest Hotel The Excalibur!


It was 1991 that Kevin spoke with his youngest brother Randy, about his ideas for the Green Earth Magic Show. Randy, a Naturalist and outreach speaker for a wilderness center in Ohio, knew his brother's magic routines and was perfect as a consultant. The brothers collaborated for a number of years, exchanging ideas and script ideas. Thus the Green Earth Magic Show was born. One of Kevin's proudest achievements, the show helps encourage kids everywhere to care for the world around them. Kevin shares ideas ranging from the simplest to the grandest, teaching us that even the smallest effort can make a world of difference.


He has since performed at all the major Las Vegas Hotels, including intimate performances for Tiger Woods, Jewel and Pavarotti.

He was featured on the Television show To Tell the Truth as the

"Environmental magician from Las Vegas."

". entertains an audience with volunteers. He is a showman that truly shines because you know he is having as much fun as the audience.


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